EPIC Health, It Can Be Yours

EPIC Health Can Be Yours

Wellness coaching is beginning to appear more regularly, but very often in relation to selling just one brand of products.  True wellness and health coaching should focus on finding the best way for you.  This is why I plan to have my EPIC Health coaching site up by March 2015.

I have started some videos and audios for you to start.

Only 1 in 10,000 people die of old age.  What do the rest die of?

What is health?

How can you improve your health in just 7 min 41 seconds a day?

All will be revealed. You can start your health journey by watching the video (and commenting on Youtube)

The Best Natural Sunblock

Astaxanthin – A Natural Way To Block The Sun

Astaxanthin, for its pronunciation watch the video, has many uses, but what I mainly discuss here today is its use as a Sunblock.

It is not something that you rub on your skin, it is a pill you take that protects you at a much deeper level.  It also helps give you a great complexion, and makes your tan last longer…


How to be a Healthy Gardener

Gardening Warm Up Exercises

This coming week in the UK is National Gardening Week and Chiropractic Awareness Week at the same time, so it seems quite a good idea to share some tips to prevent gardening related injuries.

gardening exercises

The most common problem faced by gardeners is back ache following prolonged poor posture.  This is why it is important to practice spinal mobility exercises regularly – also known as spinal hygiene.


Before you even go out gardening you should perform a series of pre-gardening warm-ups which you can learn here – Gardening Exercise

What You Need To Know About Glutathione and Skin Health

A bit American shmultzy this video, but it’s short, to the point and gives you the facts about why you want to boost glutathione levels with particular regards for the skin.

Dr Neil Barnard MD – Preventing Alzheimer’s and Raising your Glutathione

power foods for the brain” 

One of the keys to brain helath is keeping your glutahtione levels high. Please share this video.

How to Raise Glutathione

Raising Glutathione Levels

I know I’ve covered this before but I wanted to draw your attention to the new press release I put together on the subject.

Please like it and share it : How to Raise Glutathione

And keep you eye out for some exciting news on a new supplement coming to the UK soon.

If Stress is the Cause of Your Illness, Try The Alpha-Stim

Is Stress the Cause of Your Fibromyalgia, Back Pain, Insomnia etc?

While researching the effects of Alpha Brain Waves on health, I came across a useful little device called an Alpha-Stim that can do in a few minutes what would normally take years of meditation and relaxation.

I’m always skeptical when some new ‘miracle’ pops up with wide-sweeping claims to help with everything from addictions to excruciating back pain, but when it is endorsed by a top UK doctor I’ll take a closer look.


Is stress causing your illness

I have more information on this at Brain Based Wellness and Is Stress The Cause of Your Fibromyalgia

Proven Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

No Drug Can Be This Good!

Except chocolate of course.

Read more at The Health Benefits of Chocolate

The health benefits of chocolate

A science based video form the University of California on the health benefits of chocolate.


Related Post – the Health Benefits of Chocolate

The Health Benefits of Chocolate

Its Official – “chocolate is good for you

As it’s Easter, it’s time to eat chocolate!  And a good job too as in moderate amounts, and if it’s dark chocolaate, then it’s great for your health.  I just watched some great videos about the health benefits of chocolate over at Live Long and Prosper and a couple of writtten articles on the general health benefits of chocolate, and one titled “The Best Natural Cough Medicine“.

You will love the picture at the top of this article – The Health Benefits of Chocolate 

The article goes into brain, heart and muscle health, and includes what type of chocolate is best, how much for each problem, and the best bar of chocolate to get.

I did a bit of digging around and found another video that mentions fufther findings on chocolate lowering cholesterol and insulin.



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